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Protection For Men

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SO HOW DOES A GOOD MAN SAVE HIMSELF FROM GETTING TRICKED, TRAPPED AND FORCED THROUGH THIS BIASED LEGAL SYSTEM LIKE A SIDE OF BEEF THROUGH A MEAT GRINDER?? Listen ... For nearly 20 years, I spent almost every single day of my professional life "in the trenches," gaining tens of thousands of hours of direct, real-world experience with these types of problems. I have spent countless hours researching and writing down the best tips and strategies for you to protect yourself from getting smacked upside the head from this abuse (against men) which our modern day culture likes to pretend doesn't exist! I want to warn you: Do not fall into this trap! It's my firm belief that there are certain establishments today that have failed to inform the male population of a multitude of legal and social dangers that are out there. If you fail to get yourself a copy of this book and then find that you have suddenly become a victim of one or more of these culture traps, you cannot say I did not warn you. Everything I have seen in nearly 20 years involving thousands of legal cases has taught me the priceless, life-saving strategies that you and every man should know! Here is a quick look at a few more (there are actually hundreds) of these mind-blowing issues you need to clearly understand ... Why you should NEVER let a woman know this one thing about you (at first). If you don't follow this rule, you will greatly increase your chances of experiencing a miserable relationship ... page 18 If you've ever heard a woman say, "I want to marry an accountant, engineer or a doctor" you'll discover exactly what it means and why you should avoid this type of woman like the plague ... page 77 Thinking about moving in with that special lady? Do not do it until you get this one special document in writing or you could pay a heavy price for the rest of your life ... page 208 Discover why you should NEVER pay more than $60 for a date. Otherwise you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of financial misery ... page 4 If you pay child support and lose your job, not doing this one important thing can cause you to fall into a serious financial black-hole that's nearly impossible to climb out of ... page 235 Learn how female to female peer pressure can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars and how to know it's happening before it hits you like a ton of bricks ... page 44 Find out what the biggest influences are upon a woman. Fail to know these and you'll end up absolutely hating your life for decades to come ... page 95 See the difference between a "Community Property State" and an "Equitable Distribution State," and how this difference can make or break your financial future ... page 235 Learn how "consent" magically and conveniently becomes "non-consent" in the bedroom and how you can avoid getting involved in these dangerous situations ... page 46 Why it's become acceptable for women to put-down and verbally bash heterosexual men and the steps men can take to protect themselves ... page 121 Understand why our modern western culture considers it a social disgrace for women to pay monthly child support and when they are forced to pay, how they will do almost anything to avoid it ... page 242 When it comes to children, many women view men as simply a wallet. I'll reveal the steps you need to protect yourself from serious financial ruin ... page 19 Learn why you should never bring a woman into your home until you have done this one thing. If you fail to do this and in the right way, you could lose absolutely everything ... page 11
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