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Trio Subtonic

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Trio Subtonic is based out of Portland, OR and is a keys, Bass and Drums outfit, described here by Jazz Times: "Recorded off the heels of tours on both coasts, this tightly constructed disc features concise tunes bursting with melodic and rhythmic ideas, including hip-hop beats, exotic Brazilian rhythms and a flair for catchy start-stop arrangements...The trio has embraced the sounds that surround them and crafted a cohesive, expertly sequenced record that should pack dance floors and demand careful listening." -- Trio Subtonic Released their new album "Cave Dweller," in 2009 which has received national acclaim: "Here is the best jazz of 2009, interpreted in three groupingsäóîthe piano trios that knocked us out...Showcasing a penchant for thundering drum 'n' bass groovesäóîwhile mixing in Brazilian and hip-hop rhythmsäóîPortland, Oregon's Trio Subtonic conjures up tightly crafted tunes that split open with bluesy piano, searing organ, and delightfully funky horn arrangements." -- Please go to our website and myspace page to hear some music, read reviews and check out our electronic press kit. Bio Trio Subtonic has develŒ_oped a style of origŒ_iŒ_nal music that is defined by its comŒ_poŒ_siŒ_tional intrigue, groove heavy improŒ_viŒ_saŒ_tions and its accesŒ_siŒ_bilŒ_ity to lisŒ_tenŒ_ers across the musiŒ_cal landŒ_scape. ChoosŒ_ing not to be boxed into any traŒ_diŒ_tional genŒ_res, Trio Subtonic conŒ_tinŒ_ues its musiŒ_cal exploŒ_ration with the release of Night RunŒ_ners which delves into an uncomŒ_proŒ_misŒ_ing, darker and experŒ_iŒ_menŒ_tal soundŒ_scape that pushes the boundŒ_aries of their instrumentation.
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